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We clean our filters before every job to maximize our vacuum during cleaning. We also use a system that removes as much water as possible, so we never over-wet the carpet.

Your carpet may feel dry in as little as one or two hours but it is not fully dry! Total drying time will be between 12 – 24 hours after the cleaning. Moisture that is deeper in the carpet pile needs time to wick to the surface and evaporate. This drying time is not at all unrealistic, how long does it take for a pair of blue jeans to dry if you washed them and then just hung them up to dry?

We recommend that you DO NOT place any furnishings that have wood or metal legs or bases back on the carpet within 24 hours without the use of protective pads under the legs or bases.

Serious damage can be done to the carpet and/or your furnishings when they are in contact with a damp carpet over a period of just a few hours.

We recommend that you DO NOT remove the protective pads that we may place under your furnishings during cleaning for 48 hours. It may take longer for the carpet to dry where the pads are touching the carpet than where nothing is touching the carpet.

The least amount of traffic on a freshly cleaned carpet is recommended for the first 4-8 hours, especially if we have applied a carpet protector. The carpet will dry faster and the protector will cure better with no traffic. If you have to walk on it, wear a clean pair of running shoes or rubber bottom slippers. NOTE: DO NOT wear slippers or moccasins with a leather sole as the dye may be transferred to the carpet.

After the carpet is dry and before putting your furnishings back on the carpet, thoroughly vacuum the areas that were cleaned. This will soften the pile and remove any loose carpet fibers, excess pet hair and (small) particles that may have wicked up to the top of the carpet fibres during drying.

Here a few tips on how you can help your carpet dry faster:

1. The warmer you keep your house, the faster the carpet will dry.

2. Air holds very little water. When the air has filled with moisture, the carpet stops drying. Try to get lots of airflow through the house, by turning on the bath and kitchen fans to exhaust the moist air out of the house, and open a few windows around the house and create a breeze that will carry the moist air away to the outdoors. The whole goal is to replace your moist indoor air with fresh air from outside. (Even if it is raining!)

3. Ceiling or oscillating fans blowing air at the carpet will carry away moisture speeding the evaporation process and drying the carpet faster.

4. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers will pull moisture out of the air, and are useful if the windows are closed.

5. Avoid putting towels or sheets on the carpet, as this will restrict airflow and slow the drying.

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